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Creative Force, Inc.

“The Creator Gave Us Talent As Gifts, Use Them As Gifts To Him.”


Creative Force provides self-esteem, development and image building programs through education teaching and training.  Creative Force Alliance for Education through Arts & Culture is an organization with a motivation; philosophy housed in the City of Paterson, which focuses on empowering youth and adults through: Afterschool Programs, Artist Residencies, Professional Development  for Educators and Community Workshop Trainings.


"My talent in art was discovered in my early childhood. The first time I really believed that I had something in my hands was when I first began writing my name with an unusual craft that astonished my relatives. After winning several first place competitions in both grammar school and high school, I realized that many others believed as well. Home and family were a good inspiration for me because of the nurturing love, support and artistic talent that runs in the family. Receiving my BFA from Rutgers University’s Mason Gross School of the Arts broadened my horizons. My future in art is bound for international acclaim as I expand my skills and creative niche. I also wish to use art as a means of social reform, communication, and advancement particularly in the Black community. I want to thank God, my family, friends, teachers and supporters for assisting me in reaching my goals and in my desire to accumulate the best knowledge and mastery of my craft."


The mission is to empower the youth by means of both skill and talent development.  To reach this objective it is our mission to educate by making learning fun through both engaging and interactive activities designed to raise both the academic achievement and the  conscious level of youth in such areas as: Math, Science, Language Arts, History, Entertainment, Philosophy & the Arts.


This program aims to create youth leaders with a positive aim and purpose.  These leaders will effect and advance themselves as well as their community via workshops, trainings, performance and multi-media production.  It is our assignment to cultivate, showcase and inspire the gifts and talents of our youth as well as educate families and redirect misguided youth leaders and ex-offenders to address and implement positive change in their personal lives and in their community.

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